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FREDO SANTANA | Before They Were GONE | Biography

The cousin of Chief Keef and one of the oldest members of Glo Gang. Fredo Santana’s legacy as a rapper might not be as frequently acknowledged as Keef’s, but he’s no less essential to one of the most influential and truly groundbreaking movements in 21st century hip-hop fuelling the emergence of Drill music from the streets of Chicago to the masses.

Fredo Santana was a leader and mentor in this new era of face tattoo rappers, sadly it was the damage cause by excessive lean consumption that had already done it’s damage on Fredo’s kidneys and liver. He passed away on Jan 19th 2018 after suffering a seizure. I just made a video a couple weeks back about rappers who were swearing off drugs in 2018 and Fredo made the list. Sadly, it wasn’t soon enough.

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